Aesthetic dentistrymore...

Want your fillings to go unnoticed?

We use dental fillings which are very similar to the shape, colour and structure of the natural teeth.


Dental hygienic treatmentmore...

The dental hygienic treatment helps to prevent gum disease and maintaining healthy teeth and gums.All treatments, such as removal of plaque, calculus and tobacco, tea or coffee staining, are carefully done without pain and discomfort.

- Initial cleaning, curettage and polishing

- Treatment with air powered Air Flow cleaning system


Avital (dead) tooth whiteningmore...

In such a tooth a bleaching input is applied which is left in the tooth for a few days. The colour is controlled regularly every day. After the successful whitening such a tooth is treated with a proper filling.


Root Canal Treatmentmore...

In order of treatment of already damaged pulp and stop the further infection spreading in the surrounding tissues



Complete dentures are used to replace missing teeth for people with no remaining teeth. Dentures may also be used for people who have lost several teeth. In this case, the appliance is called a partial denture. They are designed to be comfortable and functional. They are very similar in appearance to natural teeth. Dentures are made of either acrylic (plastic) material or metal.


Dental Crowns and Bridgesmore...

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped "cap" that is placed over a tooth – covering the tooth to restore its shape and size, strength, and/or to improve its appearance. As well, dental bridges are used to bridge a gap (missing teeth) between healthy teeth. High quality porcelain materials are used to restore these defects:

- Metal-ceramic dental crowns and bridges and

- The newest technology of non-metal, zirconia crowns and bridges


Dental Implantmore...

A dental implant is simply an artificial tooth root, usually made of titanium, that is placed into your jaw, which serves as an anchor to hold a replacement tooth, bridge or denture. Dental implants provide greater structural support. They are esthetic, long lasting materials, which give you a feeling of your own teeth.


Orthodontic Treatmentmore...

Orthodontic treatment uses appliances, tooth removal, or surgery to fix the way teeth and jaws are aligned. There are many ways to treat poor bite (malocclusion). All kind of fixed or mobile orthodontic appliances are used to treat these malocclusions and straighten up the crooked teeth.


Oral Surgery Treatmentmore...

- Extraction

- Surgical extraction

- Cystectomy

- Apicoectomy

- Extraction of impacted teeth

- Pre-prosthetic surgery

- Orthodontic surgery

-Surgery of soft tissues